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More about the beginnings and ‘vision’ of GDN

The Gender and Disaster Network is an educational and advocacy project initiated by women and men interested in gender relations in disaster contexts. It emerged from an early morning meeting during the July 1997 Natural Hazards Research and Applications Center workshop in Boulder, Colorado. GDN became the major outcome of the 'Women's Disaster Research Caucus' meeting convened by Barbara Vogt, between 7 and 8.30 am on 16 July 1997. The Agenda items included: 1) How to netowrk more effectively; 2) How to promote young women professionals; 3) How to promote women and gender issues as legitimate research topics; and 4) Using web-based resources for communication. We have come a long way since then!

Who were the founding members? If you were there that morning and don’t mind being listed on the website, please email your name (and photo) to gdn@gdnonline.org.

We use the Internet and other forms of new media in support of a global network of researchers and practitioners. However, we recognize that communications technology is not fully or easily accessible and that we must continue reaching out to work in many languages and contexts.

Broadly stated, our goals are to:

-document and analyze women's and men's experiences before, during, and after disaster, situating gender relations in broad political, economic, historical, and cultural context

- work across disciplinary and organizational boundaries in support of collaborative research and applied projects

- foster information sharing, resource building and networking among members

- build and sustain an active international community of scholars and activists

- advocate for change in policy and practice at all levels

Toward this end, we continue to develop and maintain the Gender and Disaster Network website as an international forum for discussion, networking, and information exchange. Our site is currently maintained by the GDN Web Coordinator, Maureen Fordham, at the Centre for Gender and Disaster, Institute for Risk and Disaster Reduction, University College London (UCL) In its earliest days the GDN site was managed by Nicole Dash at the International Hurricane Center, Florida International University.

The GDN community has a vibrant discussion list, hosted by the UNDRR Prevention Web.

We wish to use this website in the broadest way possible. If you have suggestions for how it could be made better, please email us at gdn@gdnonline.org.

The Gender and Disaster Network is open to all those sharing its goals. Please complete the registration information here.


The content of the website is contributed by the network members. Northumbria University is not responsible for the materials found in the GDN website.

GDN Members

GDN has been in existence since 1997. How many people are members of GDN? The latest figures show more than 1000 registered members across the globe and we're still growing! Mahy more people use the site and its resources without registering for the email dicussion list.


Did you know that...

GDN ranks number one in the Google search engine using the keywords: gender disaster.