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Recognizing the considerable degree of overlap, in this section we highlight empirical case studies conducted primarily by academics, government agencies and humanitarian or nongovernmental organizations. As these differing angles of vision are significant, we include representative work from many sources.

The materials vary in content, style and focus but have in common the use of gender analysis and a gender equality perspective. Most publications arise from close analysis of a single event and many focus more on relief and rehabilitation than on risk reduction.

Published academic papers may be found in library collections, through inter-library loan services or in on-line journals so are only briefly cited for the most part. We include a number of special editions of journals and the papers they included as well as relevant papers from academic research centers. Whenever possible, we have included on-line versions of in-house reports or working papers, again selecting for those writing in English.

The bibliographies include references to other publications that build on these kinds of empirical case studies. Users are also referred to conference papers and other documents cited in the first section of the Sourcebook.

It is not possible to annotate every publication included. Users are invited to send along additional descriptive text on the documents cited as well as pointing us to additional books, papers and related documents.

In this section, users will find international material on:

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