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Suggestions for a GDN Nordic Region

Is there a need for a gender perspective in disasters in the Nordic countries? We believe that there is and would like to invite other interested individuals – researcher, professionals or volunteer – to be part of our journey to explore the potential for creating a GDN Nordic Hub.

We are interested in exploring issues that are related (but not exclusive to) the Nordic region. Some examples of our own work include applying a gendered lens to the refugee situation in 2015, exploring issues or power and norms to disaster management, as well as comparing women’s role in climate change from a Global North and Global South perspective, and investigating the impact of adaptation and disaster risk reduction initiatives by the Global North on women in the Global South.
In the future, we would like to establish a series of workshops, focusing on PhD or early career professionals/academics and explore topics such as data and disasters, theoretical advancements and developing tools for gender mainstreaming. Do you have other ideas and would like to join us?

Please let us know by reaching out to Misse in Sweden (misse.wester@risk.lth.se) or Kathinka in Norway (kathinka.f.evertsen@nord.no).

Some current examples of gender being included in military and humanitarian efforts:





Some research papers on Climate change, gender and disaster form and gender from Nordic region:

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