The Mary Fran Myers Award, 2003

Betty Hearn Morrow

Betty Hearn Morrow
2003 Recipient of the Mary Fran Myers Award

Betty Hearn Morrow is a sociology professor at the International Hurricane Center at Florida International University. Dr. Morrow has been chosen for her intellectual contributions to research and writing which have irrevocably changed the perception about disasters and risk in the United States. While it is impossible to describe the full depth and breadth of her contributions, we would like to highlight a few of the reasons for her nomination and selection. Dr. Morrow has been chosen for her:


Intellectual contributions to research and writing which have irrevocably changed how we think about disasters and risk in the United States.

Work as Co-Editor of The Gendered Terrain of Disasters and as Co-Editor of the Special Issue on Women and Disaster in the International Journal of Mass Emergencies and Disasters.

Commitment to using academic tools to change the world.

Development and maintenance of the GDN listserv.

Development and continued support of the GDN meetings in Boulder, Colorado.

Procurement of funding for the “Reaching Women and Children in Disasters” conference in Miami, 2000.

Documentation and analysis of the unique disaster experiences of women and their families in the Caribbean.

Singularly important research on Hurricane Andrew and Hurricane Hugo that revealed vulnerabilities and capacities of women and their families.

Never-ending and staunch support of those most vulnerable, in particular, single parents.

Development of curricular materials on households, families, gender and disasters.

Sensitivity to the lived realities of men and women in disaster situations.

Ability to hold herself and others to higher standards.

Extensive background in speaking to large and important audiences with a particular focus on vulnerabilities and risk.

Involvement in mentoring new researchers in the field of disasters, particularly female colleagues and graduate students and to continued guidance of new, female professors.

Service as Former Director of the International Hurricane Center’s Laboratory for Social Behavior and as Professor in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Florida International University.

The Mary Fran Myers Award

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