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GDN encourages its members to share resources on gender and disaster risk reduction and related topics. In this page, you will find links to the latest gender and disaster news as well as bibliographies, papers, guidelines and other materials shared by GDN members and affiliates.

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“Women more vulnerable to violence during floods.” Women become more vulnerable to violence during the period of natural disasters such as floods and the number of incidents of violence also goes up, according to a study conducted by the ActionAid. The study revealed that 71 percent of women faced more torture during the flood. Some 53.2 percent of women respondents complained about physical violence. Most of them blamed it on their husbands. Besides, a large number of women suffered sexual and psychological abuse in the relief shelters and relief queues. Read the rest of the article from The Daily Star’s website: http://www.thedailystar.net/

Children to draw their vision of equality between men and women. Children between 8 and 10 years old from Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Latin America, and Pacific countries, including the Mediterranean and ENP countries, are invited to draw how they see equality between men and women, in a competition organized by EuropeAid Cooperation Office, that manages EU external aid programmes. The competition is being held for the second year in a row, on the occasion of International Women’s Day 2008. The children are also required to write a caption for their drawing, further expressing their thoughts, feelings and dreams. The deadline for the competition is 1st May 2008 and entries should be submitted to the Delegation of the European Commission in the country where the child attends school. Read details here: http://www.euromedinfo.eu/site.168.news.en.3324.html

Women: The Confused Gender (added 17 Dec 2007)
Much have been discussed and talked about the status of women in Manipur in the last few weeks starting from the international fortnight observation protesting violence against women and the historical Nupi Lan. Once again the Manipuri women are exalted for their bravery, tolerance and integrity. Once again women are in the limelight and gender is the buzz word. Click the link to read more.

Women's Milestones for the Bali Roadmap
The Gender and Disaster Network (GDN), alongside women organisations around the world, joined gendercc, a global alliance of women for climate change, in calling for gender justice in climate change mitigation and adaptation in the recently concluded United Nations Framework Convention for Climate Change (UNFCCC) held in Bali, Indonesia from 4 to 14th of December. Read gendercc's press release and oral statement.

Pakistan: Only women can rescue women
In many Islamic countries, religious leaders believe that women cannot be touched by men outside their family. So when catastrophe strikes as it did in last year's Pakistan earthquake; it's up to the women to save themselves. Click this link to read more.

“Controversial appointment of UNIFEM Executive Director.” – Resource Net, AWID. The appointment of Spain's Inés Alberdi as UNIFEM's Executive Director last week has attracted significant interest, with mixed reactions from different women's rights activists and organizations. Rochelle Jones from AWID explores some of the initial responses to Alberdi's appointment, and highlights the main issues raised. Download and read the full article in Word (41KB)

“Disasters caused by human failures not nature” – Oxfam India. "The Kashmir earthquake killed 75,000 people. That's more than twelve times as many people as died in Japan's Great Hanshin earthquake, which was of similar strength," says Oxfam's regional director for South Asia, Ashvin Dayal. "Why? Poverty, exclusion, inequality, and unsuitable policies raise risks for poor people, women, and minorities especially." Read more from Oxfam’s website: http://www.oxfam.org.uk

UNDP appeal underscores need for gender lens in responding to crisis
An appeal for ten million dollars to help women and girls affected by conflict or natural disaster was launched by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) earlier this month. In seeking the funds, the agency pointed to the disproportionate impact of crises on women and girls while underscoring their potential to contribute to solutions. Click this link to read more Source: World Vision Middle East/Eastern Europe office (MEERO) from Reuters and Alertnet

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