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In the Pipeline

The site you are viewing now is a preview of changes to come. This new look is the first of three stages of development over the coming year. Thanks to support from USAID/OFDA, UNDP BCPR, SDC, UN Women Pakistan and UNISDR PreventionWeb (see our Supporters page) we are expanding the GDN and making it more dynamic. We have many plans, some of which can be enacted now, others will have to wait for further sponsorship. Below are some of the ideas we have for the future.

The GDN remains a space populated by its members; if you have relevant materials to contribute or suggestions to improve the GDN, please email us at gdngdn@gdnonline.orggdnonline.org.

Interactivity and Networking

GDN Google Group – to provide a forum for discussion

GDNwiki where members can ‘own’ and upload the material; this could include blogs and podcasts; a source of firsthand disaster accounts.

GDNforum an online "virtual forum" for presentations and discussions on relevant topics. This will be delivered through Internet-based 'Live Chat' (text) technology, similar to those organized by the Emergency Information Infrastructure Project (EIIP) Virtual Forum (who have offered to help) http://www.emforum.org/

Thematic Section

This section will open a number of thematic areas where visitors can find links to material on specific types of hazards or disasters, or where we have material in different languages

Hazard and disaster types (Conflict, Earthquakes, Floods, Sexual and Gender Based Violence, etc)

Materials in different languages or dialects (Spanish, Urdu, etc)

Support GDN

We have lots of plans in the pipeline. Please click here if you are interested in sponsoring some of our ideas to further develop the Network.

Join GDN

GDN is a vibrant online community of researchers, practitioners, and individuals interested in mainstreaming gender in disaster risk reduction. If you share our advocacy, join us!