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Visit the Gender and Disaster Sourcebook for a more comprehensive listing (2005 and earlier) of regional and country-specific resources on gender and disaster.


PDF de La Iniciativa de Asociación Regional Mujeres Ingenieras We know what we need: South Asian Women Speak out on climate change adaptation. Action Aid, Nov 2007.

PDF de La Iniciativa de Asociación Regional Mujeres Ingenieras Climate Justice: Human Security and Climate Change in Tuvalu. This paper reviews personal interviews in the island atoll nation of Tuvalu in an attempt to understand the full contextual impacts of climate change. The paper examines this case in light of human security and environmental justice frameworks, and then suggests possible pathways forward for climate change adaptation in vulnerable communities. Fisher, P. March 26, 2008.

PDF de La Iniciativa de Asociación Regional Mujeres Ingenieras Análisis de la vulnerabilidad del sistema de agua potable y alcantarillado asociado a inundaciones, adaptación al cambio climático y perspectiva de género en una zona urbano-marginal de la Cuenca Binacional Puyango- Tumbes. (Analysis of vulnerability to floods of potable water system and associated sewage system, adaptation to climatic change and gender perspective in an urban-marginal zone of the Binational River basin in Puyango - Tumbes) Un iniciativa de Asociación Regional Mujeres Ingenieras compartido por un miembro de GDN de Perú, Bertha Garcia. Descarga detalles el projecto aquí.

Gender Based Violence in Sri Lanka Gender Based Violence in Sri Lanka in the aftermath of the 2004 Tsunami Crisis: The Role of International Organisations and International NGOs in Prevention and Response to Gender Based Violence. (MA Dissertation) Sarah Fisher 2005.

Pushing Wheels of Work: Women’s Livelihood Recovery after tsunami in Coastal India Pushing Wheels of Work: Women’s Livelihood Recovery after tsunami in Coastal India. All India Disaster Mitigation Institute (DMI) March 2005.

"City Disaster Management - Tshwane honours women," ESSA, March-April 2005.

Gender dimensions in disaster management: A Guide for South Asia by Madhavi Malalgoda Ariyabandu and Maithree Wickramasinghe. ITDG South Asia Publication
ISBN 955 9417 16 9. Price US $ 12.00. E-mail: general@itdg.slt.lk

GENDER MATTERS: Talking Points on Gender Equality and Disaster Risk Reduction
by Elaine Enarson, 2004.

 Neighborhood Emergency Networks in Corvallis, Oregon and Uzhhorod, Ukraine.
Second Plenary Panel: Grassroots Initiatives Gender Equality and Disaster Risk Reduction Workshop. Naomi Weidner, 10 August 2004.

Mainstreaming Gender in Disaster Management Support Project. Report for The Women In Development IQC Task Order New and Expanded Opportunities for Vulnerable Groups in India. Mary Hope Schwoebel and Geeta Menon. Centre for Development and Population Activities (CEDPA) and Chemonics International, June 2004.

Women Will Rebuild Miami:A Case Study of Feminist Response to Disaster in The Gendered Terrain of Disaster. Elaine Enarson and Betty Hearn Morrow (eds.) 1998.

Effects of Natural Disasters on Children: The Issue of Child Drowning in the Mekong Delta and the Central Vietnam

Some of Women's Disaster Stories. Compiled as a community education tool for the Caribbean project, Working With Women At Risk: Practical Guidelines for Assessing Local Disaster Risk. E. Enarson with Marta Gonzáles, Lourdes Meyreles, Betty Hearn Morrow, Audrey Mullings, and Judith Soares.

 Seismic risk perception in a Muslim Community: A Case Study from Agadir, Morocco. Thomas R. Paradise. University of Arkansas Department of Geosciences and the King Fahd Center for Middle East & Islamic Studies.

 Indian women's self-help groups. Catholic Relief Services.

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