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Hurricane Katrina: Displaced Single Mothers, Resource Acquisition and Downward Mobility

Key words: Hurricane Katrina, Katrina, single mothers, downward mobility, Colorado, USA

Opportunity in Haiti: Women as Agents of Resilience in Post-Disaster Reconstruction

Key words: Haiti, women's agency, empowerment, post-disaster reconstruction, resilience, agents, narratives, communities, networks, women's networks

Ankara University Kasaum

Key words: Turkey, training and education

Benfield Hazard Research Centre

Key words: Research, all hazards, training, practice, policy


Key words: All hazards, research, capacity building, training and education, capcity building

Disaster and Social Crisis Research Network

Gender and Disaster Network

ID21 Development Research

Key words: Development, gender analysis, research

Middle East Technical University Department Of Gender & Women's Studies

Radix [radical interpretations of disaster]

Women, Ink