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Moving from knowledge to action is a challenge across the board in disaster risk reduction. This is especially so when new knowledge and practice challenge entrenched systems and institutions both within and outside of disaster risk management. Incorporating the knowledge gained over the past decades about gender relations through the disaster cycle is a first step.

We focus in this section on in-house trainings for organizations and teaching at the community and secondary education levels. Other materials for general education and targeted trainings can be found in the first section of the Sourcebook under the heading Personal Narratives. Also, audiovisual resources are included in the Communications section of the Sourcebook.

In the section on Case Studies, the file Selected Resources on Gender and Disaster is also a primary source for teachers and trainers. This annually updated bibliography contains information about papers, books, videos and other resources with a small but growing section of materials in Spanish and French. Submissions are needed in these and other languages.

There are presently few avenues for specific trainings on gender equality and disaster risk reduction. Are more under development in your region or sector? Please submit information here. Do you know of modules on gender and disaster concerns that are incorporated into regular trainings? These would be very useful to others so please details and hyperlinks along if possible.

This section provides both college level teaching guides and materials better suited for community education and practitioner trainings. Broadly applicable training materials are cited as well as short fact sheets or discussion pieces suitable for training packets.

Do you have gender-sensitive training resources developed for specific events, programs or organizations or plans for related training? The Gender and Disaster Network listserv is a great way to publicize and share these resources.

In this section, users will find international material on:

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