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Communicating with others about women’s and gender issues in disaster contexts can be challenging. Those we wish to reach are divided by language, culture, specialization, politics, experience—the list goes on. Those wishing to be heard and attended do not, of course, speak with a single voice. With this in mind, we refer readers to a wide range of innovative communication strategies and resources.

The materials include accessible first-person introductory materials suitable for training and communication projects with special attention to resources for talking with men about men and disaster (and see Voices of Men in Section One). By this we do not mean to imply that other materials are “just for women” but to encourage more talking and writing about men, gender and disasters.

The Personal Narratives with which we began the Sourcebook are also excellent resources as are the fact sheets and others short readings cited in the Community Education part of our section on Training and Education.

What strategies and materials have you found especially effective? Please pass them along to others.

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