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The materials in this first section frame those to follow. Strong summary documents, pioneering writing in the field of gender and disaster, significant policy statements and conference papers and recommendations from a series of conferences provide an overview. We offer this broad conceptual foundation, so tragically illustrated by recent disastrous events, as one perspective on the need for gender analysis and gender-fair practices across all sectors and regions where people and their communities are threatened by catastrophic events or the slow grind of “small” disasters.
As women’s voices are so rarely heard we highlight them here with space as well for listening to men, in this case in the context of the Indian Ocean tsunami. Listening to women talking about how disasters affected them and how they responded is vital for practitioners, researchers and policy makers and an important point of connection between women around the world. Please consider uploading first-person narrative accounts available to you in any of the categories below or others that you may want to suggest.

Users are also referred to the sections on Training and on Communication where numerous short fact sheets or handouts featuring first person statements from women survivors and responders can be found.

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