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Mary Fran Myers

Gender and Disaster Award 2017

Submissions deadline: 31 March 2017

Mary Fran Myers

Deadline: 31 March 2017

The Gender and Disaster Network and the Natural Hazards Center invite nominations of
women and men, or gender and disaster-focused organizations or projects, who should be recognized for their efforts to advance gender-sensitive policy, practice, or research in the areas of disaster risk reduction. Established in 2002, the Mary Fran Myers Award recognizes that vulnerability to disasters and mass emergencies is influenced by social, cultural, and economic structures that marginalize women and girls, and may also expose to harm boys and men, and those who do not identify as either female-male gender. It also recognises the contributions that women, girls and those who are gender diverse bring when their communities confront disasters.

The award was so named to recognize Mary Fran Myers' sustained efforts as Co-Director of the Natural Hazards Center, Colorado to launch a worldwide network promoting women's opportunities in disaster-related professions and supporting research on gender issues, disasters, emergency management, and higher education.

The intent of the Mary Fran Myers Gender and Disaster Award is to recognize women and
men whose advocacy, research, or management efforts have had a lasting, positive impact
on reducing disaster vulnerability. All those whose work has added to the body of knowledge on gender and disasters, is significant for gender-theory or practice, or has furthered opportunities for women to succeed in the field are eligible. Recognizing that women and men rarely act alone, the award is also open to gender and disaster-focused organizations or specific gender and disaster focused projects which have made similar contributions.

The Selection Committee is especially interested in soliciting nominations from outside the
United States and nominations of both men and women. We also invite re-nominations in
recognition of the excellence of past nominees who have not yet been recognized.

The 2017 recipient of the Mary Fran Myers Award will receive funding support to attend the
2017 Hazards Workshop in Broomfield, Colorado, July 9-12. Expenses covered will
include air/ground transportation, hotel, meals, and registration costs. Please note that
the individual selected will be invited to serve on the Mary Fran Myers Gender & Disaster
Award Selection Committee for one year and then encouraged to serve as Chair during the second year.

Next Steps: Upload the application online using the instructions below

There are three steps to making a nomination. The nomination committee prefers to receive nomination materials in English but may also accept those prepared in other languages depending on the availability of GDN volunteer translators. Please contact us first before sending materials in languages other than English. Please note that self-nominations are not accepted. Please also limit nominations to either a single organization, a project or a single individual.

- Sponsors should submit their full name and contact information (mailing address, email,
telephone number) and that of the nominee (individual, organisation or project)

- Attach a short (3 page, single-spaced maximum) current resume or curriculum vitae
of the nominee.

- Write a letter of nomination detailing specifically how the work of this individual, or
organization or project work fits the award criteria as described above.

Optional: a one-page letter of support from one other person or organization may
also be submitted.

Note: If you would like a past nominee to be reconsidered, please let us know by
emails provided at the end of this notification and submit any updated nomination
materials you would like the Selection Committee to consider.

By March 31, 2017 please submit these materials electronically to the Gender and Disaster
Network and Natural Hazards Center using this link

Complete nominations will then be forwarded to the Chair of the 2017 Selection Committee who will facilitate the selection committee's review process and make the announcement. Our thanks in advance for passing this notice along so that we may recognize people and organizations in varied sectors, regions, networks and contexts whose work on gender equality and disaster risk reduction should be recognized.

Please contact Cheney Shreve [] or Maureen Fordham


Who is Mary Fran Myers?

Mary Fran Myers served as the co-director of the Natural Hazards Research and Applications Information Center at the University of Colorado for 16 years until her untimely death in 2004. Read more

List of award recipients

The Mary Fran Myers Scholarship

The Mary Fran Myers Scholarship provides financial support to recipients to attend and participate in the Hazards Research and Applications Workshop in Boulder, Colorado to further their research or community work and careers. This scholarship covers all or part of the costs of transportation, hotel accommodations, meals, and workshop registration fees. Please click here or visit the Natural Hazards Center website for further details.