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GDN Associates

The GDN welcomes opportunities to work with active colleagues. As a largely volunteer group we depend on the contributions from members. However, some members take on a more formal role and these we refer to as GDN Associates.

If you wish to make a larger, consistent and more formal commmitment to GDN then please email us: gdn@gdnonline.org.


Kevin Blanchard - GDN Communications Coordinator

Kevin Blanchard, GDN Communications CoordinatorKevin Blanchard is the Director of DRR Dynamics, an independent research/ policy institute which is aimed at stimulating development and change within disaster risk reduction and related gender issues. His research to date has looked primarily at the role of gender on the success of communication strategies and emergency management plans before, during and after natural disasters. He is also co-founder of the ‘Gender and Climate-Based Risk Initiative’ with the USA think-tank, Eneref. Kevin holds a MA in Environment, Politics and Globalisation from King’s College London and a BSc (Hons) in Environmental Management. In his spare time, Kevin enjoys reading, films and listening to music.


Supporting GDN

The GDN is actively seeking sponsors to further develop the website and the activities of the Network. Please click here for activities in the pipeline.